Film on TB for general population

The USAID “Strengthening TB control in Ukraine” Project in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine developed an educational video “Tuberculosis: Know, Be Aware, Have No Fear”. The video is targeted at risk group representatives, people with the signs of TB who should undergo examination, TB patients and general population. Video duration: 10 min. Read more››

TB is curable! Stories that inspire

Tuberculosis is a seriuos disease, which sometimes can lead to death. But TB is treatable and curable disease, the vast majority of TB cases can be cured when medicines are provided and taken properly. To your attention and encourage: success stories of TB recovery told by people from the Project-supported regions, and others. Oleksandr Kvitashvili, Health Read more››

USAID STbCU project donated GeneXpert machine for Kryvyy Rih TB facility

On February 4, 2015, GeneXpert machine for rapid TB diagnostics was donated by the USAID STbCU project to the Kryvyy Rih TB facility. The project settled the equipment and provided re-training of laboratory staff that will work with the GeneXpert technique. The project also purchased 300 cartridges with diagnostic reagents for the GeneXpert system. The total cost of the purchased equipment is USD 20 Read more››

Dnipropetrovsk National University will use USAID STbCU training programs to teach laboratory specialists on TB diagnostics

On February 3, 2015, Dnipropetrovsk Oles Honchar national university, NGO Scientific Union of TB Specialists, and the USAID Strengthening TB control in Ukraine project agreed on cooperation to start operation of the training division in the University to train laboratory diagnostics specialists on Ziel-Neelsen sputum smear microscopy, providing a nationally recognized certificate. These activity will improve Read more››

Video: launch of GenXpert machine in Odesa oblast TB facility

Odesa local “7th TV Channel” Channel reported on an official launch of the GenXpert machine in the Odesa oblast TB facility. The GeneXpert machine was purchased by the USAID STbCU project and settled the other day in the Odessa Oblast TB Dispensary: Watch the video  


Project news

Instructions on Sputum collection

Instructions on sputum collection

Considering requests from our regional partners, USAID STbCU project developed instructions on sputum collection, which contains recommendations to help a patient to collect qualitative biological material for analysis. Instructions are issued as a poster (to be submitted to sputum collection rooms in the project regions) and as an  appointment card to sputum examination (regular MoH form Read more››

Izoniazid prevention booklet layout

TB prevention with Izonaizid

A person living with HIV, is exposed to various infections. However, the most threatening is tuberculosis, which causes more than 60% of deaths among people living with HIV in Ukraine. There are two effective measures to enable people living with HIV to avoid TB: timely and correct start receiving ARV therapy, and preventive treatment with isoniazid. Read more››

DOR room Kryvyy Rih

Results of Cost and Cost-effectiveness retrospective study of TB care models in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine, 2013

At the end of 2014 STBCU stated cost analysis of TB Control with elements of cost-effectiveness analysis in pilot city of Kriviy Rih. Now the full study report is available at: (in Ukrainian). As it was previously mentioned, the study used WHO protocol “Guidelines for cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of tuberculosis control”. The intention of the Read more››

STbCU donated respirators to Odesa

USAID STbCU project purchased respirators for Odesa oblast TB dispensary

Odesa oblast demonstrates the country’s highest TB incidence rate — almost twice as high as the national average (98.2 vs. 59.5 per 100 000). As everywhere in Ukraine, TB health care facilities are housed in outdated buildings which make large-scale renovation to facilitate infection control (IC) challenging, and lack of health service funding seriously limit environmental control and individual Read more››

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