Public Health chapter of the Association agreement between Ukraine and European Union

The Association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine has a special chapte, devoted to public health and including TB control and fight against HIV|AIDS issues. Here is the Chapter 22. Public Health:

The Parties shall develop their cooperation in the public health field, to raise the level of public health safety and protection of human health as a precondition for sustainable development and economic growth.

1. Such cooperation shall cover, in particular, the following areas:

(a) strengthening of the public health system and its capacity in Ukraine, in particular through 
implementation of reforms, further development of primary health care, and training of staff;EU/UA/en 444
(b) prevention and control of communicable diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, 
increased preparedness regarding highly pathogenic disease outbreaks, and implementation of 
the International Health Regulations;
(c) prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, through exchange of information and 
good practices, promoting healthy lifestyles, addressing major health determinants and 
problems, such as mother and child health, mental health, and addiction to alcohol, drugs and 
tobacco, including implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 
of 2003;
(d) quality and safety of substances of human origin, such as blood, tissues and cells;
(e) health information and knowledge, including as regards the 'health in all policies' approach.

2. To that end, the Parties shall exchange data and best practise, and undertake other joint 
activities, including via the "health in all policies" approach and through the gradual integration of 
Ukraine into the European networks in the public health field.

Ukraine shall gradually approximate its legislation and practice to the principles of the EU acquis,
in particular regarding communicable diseases, blood, tissues and cells, as well as tobacco. A list of 
selected EU acquis elements is included in Annex XLI to this Agreement.EU/UA/en 445

A regular dialogue will take place on the issues covered by Chapter 22 of Title V (Economic and 
Sector Co-operation) of this Agreement.

You can read the whole text of the Assoiation agreement here: