STbCU created educational film for physicians

Educational film

USAID STbCU Project and studio created educational film for physicians and familly doctors. The film tells a compelling story about crucial issues of TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention at the primary health care level. It emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of PHC involvement in TB control, and outlines major WHO recommendations on TB interventions at the primary health care level.

The film lasts for 35 minutes. This product effectively complements educational and training materials for PHC providers developed under the USAID STbCU Project framework, and helps to more clearly conceptualize the chain of TB transmission, understand pathogenic features of TB, as well as diagnostics, treatment, and infection control measures.

The film will be demonstrated during training events for health workers hosted by the USAID STbCU Project, and disseminated through healthcare institutions of Ukraine and medical schools. 

The film is available (in Ukrainian) at the project's YouTube channel: (35 minutes), or by chapters:

  1. Tuberculosis and Human History
  2. Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis
  3. TB Diagnostics
  4. TB Infection Control 
  5. Treatment of Tuberculosis

The Project is working to prepare English subtitles for the film.