Evidence-based medicine. Tuberculosis diagnostic research: providing comprehensive evidence

Synthesis of evidence is required before new TB diagnostics can be scaled up in diverse contexts. Accuracy and the evidence used in the GRADE process are important, but insufficient. Implementation trials, cost effectiveness studies, transmission and virtual implementation modelling are being used to enhance the available evidence.

Below you can find some slides from the presentations done at the post-graduate course presented at the 44-th Lung Health Conference, which took place in Paris in late 2013.

1. New TB Diagnostics – Pathway from Concept to Delivery. Madhukar Pai (Canada)

2. Scaling-up new TB diagnostics: what evidence do we need? S. Bertel Squire (UK), Afranio Kritski (Brazil)

3. Clinically oriented approaches to assessing patient and public health impact. Lucian Davis (USA)

4. Trial designs for TB diagnostics. Susan Van Den Hof (Netherlands).

5. Cost Effectiveness Studies. David Dowdy (USA)

6. Transmission Modelling. Hsien-ho Lin (Taiwan)

7. ‘Virtual Implementation’ modelling. Ivor Langley (UK), Rory Dunbar (South Africa)

8. Implementation and operational research on TB diagnostics. Frank Cobelens (Netherlands)