TB and TB/HIV Patients’ Pathways in Health Care System of Ukraine

USAID STbCU project is glad to present the project-developed Pathways of TB and TB/HIV patients in Ukraine analysis. Th edocument is based on national health care regulations and aims to support decision makers, health administrators, clinicians and monitoring and evaluation specialists to:

  • Identify main steps of TB and TB/HIV – related detection, diagnostics, treatment and medical follow up,
  • Determine “weak chains” of the TB and TB/HIV case management algorithms where the possible loss of patients can occur,
  • Find ways to reduce the TB and TB/HIV patients’ loss in the Health Care System of Ukraine.

The document reflects also USIAD Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine Project’s efforts to address the loss of TB and TB/HIV patients in USAID-supported regions of Ukraine.

Download the Pathways of TB and TB/HIV patients in Ukraine