New online course on developing adherence to treatment

A new online course on "Developing Adherence to treatment in Patients with Tuberculosis" is now available in Ukrainian language at the Online Resource Center on TB​.

The course is created within the Project USAID "Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine" project. The training is conducted by Ludmila Miller, a medical psychologist.

The training has six modules:

  1. The concept of adherence to therapy. Determining factors and conditions that affect the treatment adherence development and support.
  2. Stages to adopt to the disease. How you can help your client?
  3. Types of reaction to illness and the concept of internal picture of the disease. Their influence on the development and support of treatment adherence.
  4. Conseling.
  5. Motivational counseling. Stages of behavior change and cosultant's actions at each of the stages.
  6. Problem-oriented counseling. Help you can provide when interacting with a patient.