Video: Xpert Cartridge, A Look Inside (Russian subtitles)

At the STbCU project’s request, Cepheid Company added Russian subtitles to their educational video about the principles of work of the cartridge GeneXpert (“Xpert Cartridge, A Look Inside”). The cornerstone of the GeneXpert testing process is self-contained, single use cartridge. Sample extraction, amplification and detection are all carried out within this self-contained “laboratory in a Read more››

Video: Kryvyy Rih outpatient TB care

The biggest broadcasting company in Kryvyy Rih – TRK “Rudana” ( prepared a report of outpatient TB treatment model that is introduced in the region with technical support from the USAID “Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine” project. The strategy when patient’s treatment was directly observed by his relatives didn’t work. Often, after a patient felt better he Read more››

STbCU created educational film for physicians

USAID STbCU Project and studio created educational film for physicians and familly doctors. The film tells a compelling story about crucial issues of TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention at the primary health care level. It emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of PHC involvement in TB control, and outlines major WHO recommendations on TB interventions at Read more››

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